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Pilot Project for Water Harvesting in Washi Mahagaon, Raigad District 

RJF is developing this flagship project for water harvesting structures, such as check dams, contour bunds, percolation tanks, and farm ponds, in the interior villages of the Raigad district.
The project aims to increase the availability of water for domestic and agricultural purposes, improve groundwater recharge, and reduce the dependency on rainwater.
The project will focus on community involvement, capacity building, and sustainability to ensure long-term impact


Mapping Water-Scarce Villages in Maharashtra: Targeting Solutions for Sustainable Development

Our initiative aims to locate and map villages in Maharashtra facing water scarcity, enabling targeted interventions and sustainable solutions. Using advanced mapping technologies and data analysis, we identify regions and communities experiencing water stress, inadequate access to clean water, and unsustainable water management practices. By pinpointing these water-scarce areas, we can prioritize our efforts, implement tailored strategies, and collaborate with local stakeholders to address water scarcity effectively. Our goal is to create a comprehensive and up-to-date map that serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, NGOs, and communities to develop and implement sustainable water management solutions, ensuring a more secure and resilient water future for Maharashtra's villages.

Repair and Maintenance of Pazar Talav

Proposal to repair and maintain the 60-year-old percolation tank that has dried up over the last ten years due to non-desilting and poor maintenance.

Planting drought-resistant trees and shrubs in these regions to promote greenery and increase water retention and create a balanced ecosystem.


Calculation Method 

Recharge Rate of Groundwater

Detailed hydrogeological study of the area required, measuring parameters such as rainfall, land use, soil properties, geology, topography, and hydrological characteristics of the aquifer.

Global synthesis across 140 sites reports an estimated average annual recharge rate of 0.2–35 mm/year, representing approximately 0.1–5% of mean annual precipitation.


Aspects to be considered 

1. Details of Holding Capacity of the Percolation tank 

Holding capacity in Litres  

2. Estimated Costing to Make the Percolation Tank 
Total Cost 
Desilting of the Pond 
Strengthen the Damn Wall 
Embankment Soiling in Bags 
Plantation of trees 



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