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Adarsh Nagar MPS


In June 2021, Nagriksatta took over the complete operations of Adarsh Nagar MPS (Primary School) with the exception of the head-mistress who was appointed by the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation). This transition marked an important milestone for Nagriksatta in expanding its educational reach.

Adarsh Nagar MPS, located in the area, became part of the Nagriksatta educational project. The school now functions under the management and guidance of Nagriksatta, aligning with its principles and educational approach. The existing head-mistress, appointed by the BMC, continues to oversee the administrative aspects of the school.

Currently, Adarsh Nagar MPS serves a total of 250 students, ranging from Junior Kindergarten (Jr KG) to Grade 4. These students benefit from Nagriksatta's expertise and commitment to quality education. The students are provided with a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters their holistic development.

As part of Nagriksatta's expansion plan, an additional grade will be added to the school every year until it reaches Grade 8. This gradual expansion ensures that the students can progress seamlessly through their educational journey within the same institution, thereby providing continuity and familiarity.

The curriculum at Adarsh Nagar MPS, under Nagriksatta's guidance, is designed to be comprehensive and in line with modern educational standards. It focuses on providing a balanced education that encompasses academics, co-curricular activities, and character development. The teaching faculty at the school undergoes regular training and professional development to enhance their pedagogical skills and stay updated with the latest educational practices.

With Nagriksatta's involvement, Adarsh Nagar MPS aims to provide a quality education to its students, preparing them for future challenges and opportunities. By integrating Nagriksatta's educational ethos and leveraging its resources, the school strives to empower students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to become confident and responsible individuals.

Through this collaboration, Nagriksatta continues to expand its footprint in the education sector, bringing its successful model to more students and communities. The partnership between Nagriksatta and Adarsh Nagar MPS reinforces their shared commitment to providing accessible and quality education to young learners.





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