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Lalji Trikamji MPS


The addition of a third school, Lalji Trakimi, to the Nagriksatta education program is a testament to the exceptional quality of work being carried out in each school under the Nagriksatta umbrella. At Lalji Trakimi, Nagriksatta assumes complete responsibility for the educational operations of the school, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education to its students.

Lalji Trakimi caters to more than 100 students, ranging from Junior Kindergarten (Jr KG) to Grade 3. The school offers a nurturing and supportive learning environment where students receive personalized attention and guidance from the Nagriksatta team.

Currently, Lalji Trakimi operates up to Grade 6, and as part of the expansion plan, a new grade will be added each year until it reaches Grade 8. This incremental growth allows the students to progress smoothly through their educational journey within the same institution, benefiting from the familiarity and continuity of their learning environment.

The curriculum at Lalji Trakimi, designed and implemented by Nagriksatta, focuses on providing a comprehensive and well-rounded education. It integrates academic subjects with co-curricular activities, ensuring a holistic development approach. The curriculum is aligned with the best educational practices, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in students.

Under Nagriksatta's guidance, Lalji Trakimi benefits from a competent and dedicated teaching staff. The teachers undergo regular training and professional development to enhance their teaching methodologies and stay abreast of the latest educational advancements. This ensures that the students receive the highest quality instruction and support.

Lalji Trakimi, as part of the Nagriksatta education program, aims to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for their future success. The school emphasizes character development, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in students, alongside academic excellence.

Through the addition of Lalji Trakimi, Nagriksatta expands its impact and extends its mission of providing quality education to a greater number of children. The collaboration between Nagriksatta and Lalji Trakimi exemplifies their shared commitment to transforming education and positively impacting the lives of young learners.

The success of Lalji Trakimi within the Nagriksatta education program serves as an inspiring example of the effectiveness and positive outcomes that can be achieved through dedicated efforts and a focus on quality education.





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